The Hucks

Roybob’s Book on Golf: The Hucks, A Golfer’s Divine Comedy, and a Religious Philosophy of Golf

The Hucks 

I play golf at Golden Eagle Golf and Country Club in Tallahassee, Florida. Though not always well maintained, the layout is outstanding, arguably the best in North Florida. Tom Fazio, the designer, earlier in his career, cited Golden Eagle as the course design of which he was most proud.

I play with a group that, sometime around 1990, when the group played at Killearn Golf and Country Club, acquired the name of “Huckabucks” (“Hucks” for short).  The group moved over to Golden Eagle in 1993; and, although I joined Golden Eagle in 1997, I did not play with the Hucks until 2001.

When I inquired as to the origin of the Huckabucks’ name, one of the longtime members told me a very disturbing story involving a male deer. After I expressed my disbelief, he confessed that he did not remember exactly how the group had acquired the name. Later, I learned from another long time member that the label was first applied in reference to a sexually suggestive dance performed by members of the group when they made an important putt. The dance involved all manner of bodily gyrations and pelvic thrusting. When engaged in the dance, members of the group were described as “hucking.”  Perhaps the dance and its description were inspired by Chubby Checker’s 1960 hit version of “The Hucklebuck” (See an episode from The Honeymooners for a humorous rendition of the dance).  Elsewhere the term “huckabuck” has been used as a label for coarse and playfully beguiling behavior, and the Hucks can be a rather rough and abrasive group, given frequently to sarcastic, facetious, and acerbic remarks. They have also been known to play a few tricks on one another. The name seems to fit in a lot of ways.

The “President” of the group is a guy the Hucks refer to as Burger. I have the distinction of being the “Chairman” (one of the nicer names the group has for me). As Chairman, I maintain a roster of active players, and my roster, at this point, includes sixty-five names.  Fortunately, they do not all show up at once, but on Fridays and Sundays the Hucks will have twenty to twenty-five players.  The Hucks are relatively good players.  Handicaps range from a plus four to a fifteen.  New members must have a handicap of eight or less, and longtime members cannot be any higher than an eighteen.  As the following stories will attest, the Hucks are a great group of human beings who love golf and have fun.

Roybob’s Book on Golf: The Hucks, A Golfer’s Divine Comedy, and a Religious Philosophy of Golf.

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