Nickster’s Story about Roybob in Scotland

Roybob’s Book on Golf: The Hucks, A Golfer’s Divine Comedy, and a Religious Philosophy of Golf

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The Nickster on Roybob in Scotland

Written by a Character Called the Nickster

While travelling on the trip of a lifetime to the storied golfdom of “Bonny ol’ Scotland,” I was with three very close and dear friends.  As we meandered steadfastly through this breathtakingly beautiful country, sampling exquisite golfing venues from Glasgow to St. Andrews, at each stop we would change roommates (presumably out of fairness, to break the monotony or perhaps to avoid getting a little “too close”).  So it happened, at our stop in historic St. Andrews, at the legendary Rusacks Hotel, I was to room with a good buddy for the first time on the trip.  

On the morning of the first day following our first evening, I noticed in the room’s trash can a tee shirt, a pair of tidy whities, and a pair of socks.  Knowing they were not mine and thinking it a tad peculiar, I decided discretion was the better part of valor and chose to say nothing.  The second morning I beheld the same sight (another tee shirt, tidy whities, and socks in the trash).  Deciding now that my curiosity could not be contained, I commented, “Roybob, you do know that this receptacle is not a close hamper, don’t you?” He quickly responded, “Oh yeah, I know.  I throw my worn underwear and socks out everyday to lighten my load and provide room for the souvenirs I plan on bringing home.”

I was awestruck. Was this the plan of a true genius or the mania of a very strange man?  After due consideration, I too began to throw out all of my own dirty underwear and socks. 

When I returned home, my wife, of course, inquired as to what happened to my underwear and socks. I explained to her the plan of my friend, the genius Roybob, but I am not sure she believed me, thinking instead that there was some nefarious scheme behind the disposal of these garments.  Nevertheless, it was a true story and not a bad plan.

Roybob’s Explanation

Written by Roybob

I served as the Coordinator for The Humanities Study Abroad Program at Tallahassee Community College for several years.  I led tours comprised of both students and adults.  The typical student tour included three weeks in Europe, traveling to London, Paris, Florence, Rome, and Athens.  I directed adult tours to Normandy (France), Italy, Greece. the Greek Islands, and Egypt. 

I discovered that laundering my clothes was not one of my favorite things to do while overseas.  So, at home, if I had undergarments or socks that could be worn only one more time before they needed to be thrown away, I would put them aside for my trips.  While traveling, I simply threw out the undewear and socks, providing room for souvenirs and lessening the weight of my suitcase.

Roybob’s Book on Golf: The Hucks, A Golfer’s Divine Comedy, and a Religious Philosophy of Golf

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