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Dollar Bets

The first dollar bet to appear among the Hucks is the Goat Dollar.  The only two contestants are Joe and Corby. Both Joe and Corby were playing poorly at the time the bet was established, and they wanted to determine who was playing worse.  Corby requested that his wife, an accomplished artist, decorate a dollar bill for the competition. From then on, whoever plays the best between the two holds the Goat Dollar. The holder, in other words, owns the goat or the worst of the two players. The Goat Dollar actually has its own website:

Goat Dollar Front and Back

The second dollar bet to appear among the Hucks is the Birdie Dollar.  Once again, Corby’s better half exercised her artistic skills.  Among Joe, Fuji, Ricky Bobby, J.K., and me, whoever has the most birdies for a round is awarded the Birdie Dollar, and everyone else is compelled to pay a dollar to the Birdie Dollar winner. Although I rarely hold the Birdie Dollar, I created a video that I like to share with my buddies on those few occasions when I do. Click the following link: Birdie Dollar Video.

Birdie Dollar Front and Back

Burger, feeling left out, created a bet for the “Burger Dollar.”  Among Burger, Fuji, and Gator, whoever shoots the lowest round in the seventies wins the Burger Dollar.  Corby’s wife, for a third time, brought her artistic skills to bear.  I doubt she counts these dollars among her finest work, but we are grateful nonetheless.

Burger Dollar Front and Back

Lastly, there is the Subway Dollar, contested for by me and a Huck we call Schnitzle.  I knew Schnitzle for a long time before he joined Golden Eagle, and a friendly rivalry emerged when he began to play with us.  Corby’s wife decorated the original subway dollar; but, alas, Schnitzle actually managed to spend it somewhere.  So, he decorated the one for which we now play.

Original Subway Dollar Front and Back: Whereabouts Unknown!


New Subway Dollar Front and Back

Ironically, even though the Hucks may play for a lot of money, at least fifty dollars everytime they tee it up, these one dollar bets have become almost as meaningful, if not more so, than the other betting.

Roybob’s Book on Golf: The Hucks, A Golfer’s Divine Comedy, and a Religious Philosophy of Golf

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Wrongway Joe April 12, 2011 at 10:43 am

There is really only one dollar, the rest are mere attempts … All hail the goat dollar!


Reverend Roybob April 13, 2011 at 12:16 am

The very fact that your comment was initially marked as spam aught to tell you something about the nature of your remark. That said, however, I too must bow to the primacy of the almighty Goat Dollar.


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